Myia Owens

Candidate Coordinator

Myia injects an awe-inspiring level of personal drive, unwavering altruism, and an irresistible can-do attitude into the heart of the Pink Nannies team! Her rich background in operations, administration, and orchestrating unforgettable summer camp experiences as a camp counselor has endowed her with a rare blend of professional prowess and genuine warmth. Adding to her diverse skill set, Myia proudly holds a Bachelor's Degree in Art.

Based in the vibrant state of Florida, Myia shares her life with her husband and their cherished rescue pup, Oliver. When she's not expertly navigating the digital realm at Pink Nannies, Myia thrives on her passion for exploration, jetting off to new and exciting destinations. She's equally devoted to her well-being, with Pilates sessions as a regular part of her routine. An avid reader, she often loses herself in the pages of captivating books and revels in quality time spent at the dog park with her furry companion. In addition to her many talents, Myia is a dedicated advocate for nannies, further enriching her role at Pink Nannies.

Myia's exceptional qualities and experiences make her an invaluable asset to Pink Nannies, and her boundless enthusiasm ensures that every endeavor is met with enthusiasm and a determined spirit.