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Allison Goren

Former Celebrity Nanny

UHNW Newborn Care Specialist

Certified Green-proofer

Eco-Maternity Consultant

Pink Nannies Founder

Michaela Alayami

Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Former Nanny

Myia Owens

Camp Counselor Administrator

Nanny Advocate

Brittany Settles

BA in Administration

Expert on Long-Term, Travel, and Specialized Placements

Danielle Anthony

Former Nanny to Royalty

UHNW Newborn Care Specialist (20+ years)

Sleep Consultant

Founder of Pink Newborn Services

Dr. Fernandez, PT, DPT


Burnout Coach

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Common Questions

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About Our Candidates

What qualifications do your candidates typically possess?

Our candidates have so much to offer, including at least three years of professional, paid childcare/education-related experience, impeccable and recent childcare references, and CPR/First Aid certification. They are all also at least 21 years old, able to pass a criminal background check (upon extension of job offer), and have a clean driving record. We also require that our candidates be non-smokers.

In addition to the above requirements, many of our candidates also possess advanced degrees in fields including Early Childhood Education, Child Development, and Psychology, and we represent candidates that have experience working with children with a variety of learning styles and abilities. Some are bilingual and many have received specialized training in fields including Montessori, RIE, Waldorf, and Pikler. Prefer a nanny with certifications as Newborn Care Specialists, Sleep Consultants, and/or Lactation Consultants? Pink Nannies has you covered!

How do you go about finding potential candidates for families?

The majority of our prospective candidates are referred to us by other nannies and families. We have an extensive nanny network through the International Nanny Association, universities, the Pink Nannies website, and both traditional and non-traditional recruiting and networking circles. We receive over 6k+ applications every year, but only 3% are accepted after our rigorous screening and vetting process. To find the best fit for your family, we conduct a family consultation, identify the specifics of your household, childcare philosophies, personalities of members of your family, and what qualities you are looking for in your ideal nanny. We then create a customized job description to attract the most qualified candidates to fit your family’s needs.

Can you help us find a bilingual nanny? 

Certainly! We have a team of professional nannies who are skilled in speaking multiple languages, including Spanish, French, Mandarin, and American Sign Language.

Can I request that a nanny handle tasks unrelated to the children?

Absolutely! This would fall under the added job title of "Family Assistant/Household Manager." A family assistant or household manager is responsible for managing everyday household operations and attending to the requirements of the family. Responsibilities may include scheduling appointments for home repairs, supervising household staff, keeping inventory of the house and restocking items, ensuring the house remains clean and organized, managing bills, running errands, grocery shopping, providing house sitting, pet sitting, preparing meals for the family, doing the family laundry, and other tasks as assigned.

About the Search

How much time will it take?

We typically find that it takes between four to six weeks to secure the ideal nanny. However, it may take more time if, for example, you have very specific or uncommon requirements. We recommend that you begin your job search four to six weeks in advance of your targeted start date.

Can anything be done to expedite the process?

The speed at which the process occurs is a highly collaborative effort by Pink Nannies and your family. Families that effectively communicate and respond promptly, as well as offer a competitive compensation package, aid in accelerating the recruitment process. The Pink Nannies placement team values timely feedback from you after initial presentation and subsequent interview(s) of a candidate. This not only allows us to tailor our search to your needs but also increases your chance of hiring your optimal nanny.

How have applicants been evaluated?

Each candidate we present has undergone a rigorous screening process by our team. This involves a formal application, phone screening, and video interview. We place a high priority on candidates that exhibit character traits, including punctuality, dependability, and industry knowledge. We bolster the initial application and interviews with a social media screening, reference analysis, and a full internal assessment of personality, professionalism, and household match.

After an offer of employment has been extended, we run a full background and motor vehicle check on the candidate, including the following:
· Security background investigation
· Criminal history search (including all locations lived in the past 7 years)
· Auxiliary national criminal search (including records for the past 7 years)
· Global terrorist search
· Driving record check
· 10-panel drug test (upon request)

About Nanny Employment

Is there a trial period?

During the interview process, we encourage families to have a paid trial of 2 to 5 days for each candidate.

What are my options if things do not work out with the nanny I hire?

We make every effort to help you make the right hiring decision the first time around, but we also understand that introducing new caretakers to your children can be stressful for all parties involved. That’s why our team supports you every step of the way, even after a hire has been made. We stay in touch after placement to provide guidance as needed on how to preserve a good relationship with your new employee. Often, employer/nanny concerns can be resolved with open communication and counseling for our team.

For your peace of mind, we provide a generous credit that can be used for a future search if the employment doesn't work out within the first year.

Can Pink Nannies provide a contract for our use?

We provide a general employment contract template as well as a non-disclosure agreement. Your family is welcome to use our templates, or create your own, provided the agreement still abides with local, state, and federal laws.

About Agency Fees & Compensation

What are your agency's costs?

To initiate your search, we require a $500 launch fee, and our placement fees range from 20 to 25 percent of the nanny's annual gross compensation package depending on the nature of your search.

What is the average hourly rate of a Pink Nanny?

Pink Nannies receive a minimum hourly rate of $25, with the possibility of overtime pay when applicable. Whether they are live-in or live-out nannies, there is no variation in their hourly compensation. Live-in professional nannies receive the same hourly compensation as they would if they were a live-out nanny, as these living arrangements are often created to benefit you as the employer and provide additional flexibility or on-site help after hours.

What typical benefits do nannies receive?

These benefits will differ based on the nanny's expertise, the family's specific requirements, and their location.

The most common benefits our candidates are expecting to see are:
● Paid vacation time and sick time
● Paid major holidays
● Healthcare stipend or health insurance
● Mileage reimbursement at the IRS rate (65.5 Cents per mile)
● Guaranteed hours
● Relocation assistance (if nationwide search)

Other benefits include:
●  Signing bonus, a performance-based bonus, or a retention bonus
● Car insurance contributions
● 401(k)
● Work cell phone

We offer guidance on how to craft your wage and benefits package.

How do I handle taxes for my employee?

As the nanny's employer, you are responsible for handling all tax withholding. Nannies cannot be classified as 1099 independent contractors.

We are delighted to introduce you to our trusted payroll partners, HomeWork Solutions.

Is it possible to pay my nanny in cash?

We require that our families pay their nannies legally, using a W2 and withholding taxes. According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, nannies are classified as domestic employees and are not eligible to be paid by 1099. We will connect you with Homework Solutions, which has been our preferred tax and payroll partner for many years.