Brittany Settles

Administrative Coordinator

Brittany's extensive experience in project management, accounting, and administration makes her a true jill-of-all-trades. However, her passion for children and her sincere desire to provide them with a secure place to grow and develop have drawn her to Pink Nannies! Her optimistic outlook on life enables her to think creatively when problem-solving and infuses mundane tasks with a more personal touch.

Originally from Washington, DC, Brittany now resides in Maryland with her husband and their kitty, Rue. Despite her busy life, which includes keeping up with her two energetic nephews and a lively niece, Brittany still finds time to explore the world, read, study the violin, and indulge in her passion for painting. In addition to her multifaceted talents, Brittany is deeply committed to nurturing the well-being of children as part of the Pink Nannies team.