For Families
June 12, 2023

How to make your nanny feel appreciated and building a positive relationship with your nanny

Building a positive relationship with your nanny is the foundation for creating a long-term working relationship. A nanny that feels cared for and appreciated is much more likely to work for a family long-term and in turn, your nanny will be happier, healthier and less burnt out on the job. There are some essential things you can do as a nanny employer to make sure your nanny feels respected in their role. These things include:

  • Maintaining boundaries- respecting your nanny’s time on and off the clock, as well as their work-life balance. Check out our post that goes in-depth on this topic!, 
  • Communicating clearly, kindly and often. Continuing to check-in with your nanny will show that you value, appreciate them and want them to feel supported. 
  • Offering benefits such as PTO, sick time, paid holidays and health care stipend. These are standard and expected in the industry and show that you care for your nanny’s health and wellbeing outside of work.
  • Saying “thank you!” at the end of the day is a simple but very meaningful way to make your nanny feel appreciated
  • Encouraging your nanny to rest or take breaks when needed- let your nanny know that when the children are napping they are welcome to relax and do whatever feels nourishing for them. Some nannies don’t always feel comfortable taking a break, especially in someone else’s home and if the parents are home. Naptime will likely be the only time your nanny gets to really take a break-even though they are still “on call” if the children wake up.

In addition, here are some special ways to make your nanny feel appreciated outside of your day-to-day interactions with them.

  • A card or text letting your nanny know you appreciate them
  • Celebrate Nanny Recognition Week which occurs the last week of September every year. Recognize your nanny by giving them a card, flowers, or a thoughtful gift. 
  • Celebrating their birthday
  • Stocking your home with snacks your nanny likes
  • Gifting them a pair of slippers to wear around the house
  • Nice surprises such as a gift if you go out of town and your nanny picks up extra hours, letting your nanny off of work early at the end of the week, or treating them to lunch
  • Celebrating holidays together
  • Paying for your nanny’s membership to the International Nanny Association. You could also provide a yearly stipend for them to pursue professional development training in subjects they are interested in.