For Nannies
July 17, 2023

Defining job titles in the nanny industry

  • Babysitter- A part-time or full-time childcare provider that supervises and provides basic care for children. Typically babysitters have no training and minimal childcare experience. 
  • Nanny- A childcare specialist who works in the private home of the family that employs them. Nannies provide high-quality, specialized child care and many have advanced training or an educational background in child development
  • Career Nanny- A nanny who has spent or intends to spend their professional career in the nanny industry. Career nannies often have specialized training, years of experience and stay with families long term as opposed to nannies who may be working short-term between other jobs.
  • Nanny/Family Assistant- A childcare specialist who also provides assistance to the family with tasks that fall outside of direct childcare and/or are not related to the children. These roles typically provide higher pay as they require a variety of tasks.
  • Household manager/estate manager- A household staff member who oversees the day-to-day operations of the household or estate. A Household manager will plan and organize schedules, take care of household maintenance, and supervise other household staff members such as nannies, tutors, groundskeepers and housekeepers and private chefs.
  • Governess- An educationally focused role, a governess is in charge of providing tutoring and private, in-home education to the children. Oftentime a governess will not take care of domestic tasks or care for the children outside of their schooling. 
  • Fully Staffed Home- A home that includes a team of staff members with individualized roles to help keep the family and household running smoothly. Members of a fully staffed home may include, Household Manager, Private Chef, Nannies, Governess, Housekeepers, Groundskeepers and Security. 
  • High Profile- Someone with high social status such as a celebrity, CEO, politician or athlete. Positions working for a high profile family will require signing an NDA and practicing discretion.
  • Live in/Live out- Refers to a nanny position that requires the nanny to live with the family, either in the family home or in a separate quartner on the property (live-in). Live out refers to a nanny position where the nanny has their own separate housing. 
  • Newborn Care Specialist- A trained, in-home care provider that specializes in the care of newborn infants. Often will provide overnight or around the clock care. 
  • Professional childcare experience vs. childcare experience (with examples)- 
  • Professional childcare experience- Childcare experience that occurred in a paid, professional environment. Examples include working in a childcare center, preschool, working as a nanny. 
  • Childcare experience- Experience providing care to children in a non-professional environment. An example is taking care of siblings or younger family members. 
  • ROTA- rotational position- A position that requires around the clock care for a set number of days. These positions often have a set number of days on the job, and then a set number of days off while another ROTA nanny will provide care. ROTA positions often offer higher pay as they require a more demanding work schedule. 
  • Stay at home parent- A parent who does not work outside the home and stays at home to care for the children and/or manages the household.
  • Work from home parent- A parent whose work is remote and allows them to work from their home as opposed to working in an office or outside of the home
  • Relocation position- A nanny position, both short and long term,  that offers a relocation plan and assistance for the nanny they hire. These positions may offer housing for the duration of the position, as well as financial assistance for the nanny to move to the family’s location. 
  • Travel nanny- A nanny who travels with the family that employs them, providing high quality and specialized childcare. A travel nanny may be hired for just a work trip or family vacation. 
  • Au Pair- An au pair is a young person (age 18-26) from a foreign country who comes to live with a family as a part of a cultural exchange program.. They can provide up to 45 hours of childcare per week, no more than 10 hours a day and receive a weekly stipend. An au pair is integrated into the family and goes on vacation, spends holidays with the family and nearly all their living expenses are covered by their host family. An au pair is only allowed to stay in the country for the length of their visa- typically 12 months, but they can apply to extend their stay an additional year.