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Discretion is key in the Nanny industry. Here at Pink Nannies, we have many high-profile Family’s and as you work for them, you may become privy to some confidential information. You may be asked to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). A non-disclosure agreement is a contract by which you agree to not disclose confidential information. It details the restrictions you have when talking about the Family and the specifics of the position with others. It may also specify when and how photographs of the children are used. They could be simple, or they could be complex. If you are presented with an NDA, you need to make sure that you fully understand it.

Even if you do not sign an NDA, you are a professional and are expected to not share confidential information with others, this includes your partner or spouse. Confidential information includes things such as: details about the parents you work for, the children you care for, the personal or financial details of the Family’s life, or the home in which you work. While legally, this may not be an issue without an NDA, professionally it is simply unacceptable.
Working in a private home is a privilege and an honor and as Nanny’s, we need to respect this intimate setting.

Be careful what you post on social media. You never know who may be reading. There are Facebook groups for Nanny’s offering advice. Keep things vague, use “G6” for “girl 6 years old” and “MB and DB” for “Mom Boss & Dad Boss” to describe your employers. Keep situations hypothetical and vague. If the situation is too complicated to keep vague, ask an admin to post anonymously for you. If you found the position though an agency, like Pink Nannies, reach out the agency for advice. Any good agency will be happy to help you.

The best way to prevent breaking confidentiality is to be open and honest with your employers. Good communication is key. Here at Pink Nannies, we are happy to help you in any situation.

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