Childhood should be magical. Let’s find you a magician.

Take a deep breath.

Have peace of mind knowing the person caring for your child checks all the boxes, even the ones you haven’t thought of yet:

  • Passionate about their calling. 
    We care deeply about children and their parents and want to help your family thrive. 
  • Inspiring the best childhood.
    We encourage your children to explore their natural interests and invite them to discover new ones. 
  • Nurturing safety in every way. 
    We protect your little one’s well-being from head to toe and from mind to heart. 

  • Knowledgeable on play-based approaches. We know how children learn – and how to help them grow into their full potential. 

Why Pink Nannies?


At Pink Nannies, childcare is not a hobby or a side-gig. It is our profession and passion. We’ve curated a small and mighty team of professionals from a wide array of backgrounds to help your family navigate every step of your search. Our team of experts includes former nannies, newborn care specialists, a former ABA therapist, executive assistants, and mothers with decades of experience in childcare.


We take matchmaking seriously. Rather than just pulling from a database or offering nannies with the most availability, we go the extra mile to find the perfect fit. Our relationships with universities, graduate schools, industry associations, and our nanny network throughout the U.S. allow us to identify a nanny for your unique situation.


The safety and well-being of your children are our top priorities. The candidates we work with have all undergone thorough background checks and carry certifications in CPR and first aid. We also verify education credentials, references, driving records, and conduct an online presence audit to ensure that you’ll interview only the absolute best nannies. We protect your child’s well-being from head to toe and from mind to heart.


Our team is always searching for the ideal nanny based on a family’s unique specifications. We’re not looking for just any nanny—we’re looking for the perfect nanny for YOU! That’s why we spend so much time getting to know you and your needs. 

Agency Focus

Our agency knows nannies and newborn care specialists well, and rather than casting a wide net, we focus on those two types of searches so that we can stay in our zone of expertise


Our award-winning organization has been nominated as Ohio’s top nanny agency, and we are also members of the International Nanny Association. That’s why it’s not surprising that 90% of our clients come from referrals!

We’ll be with you every step of the way. We provide ongoing support and will:

  • Identify the needs and particularities of your situation.
  • Sort through candidates according to personality, morals and values, and childcare philosophies.
  • Coordinate and schedule interviews with top candidates.
  • Help you develop a competitive compensation offering.
  • Walk you through the hiring process.

  • Provide resources and support throughout your employment relationship.

If you’re thinking,
“there’s no way they can find…”
think again.

We’ve placed candidates who are also:
    • Trained in Montessori/RIE/Waldorf
    • College educated in child-related fields
    • Trauma-informed
    • Familiar with different learning styles and abilities
    • Fluent in multiple languages
    • Flexible enough to thrive on ever-changing schedules
    • Former educators
    • Experience working in fully-staffed homes

How it works: Placement, compensation and fees.

We know that searching for the best for your family can be overwhelming, stressful and time-consuming. We’ve made the process as simple and streamlined as possible. After a launch call with our team, we will begin screening and vetting candidates with your unique family in mind. Depending on the scope of your role, you’ll be welcoming a Pink Nanny into your home within 4-8 weeks.

Let’s talk money:
  • Rates for part-time and full-time nannies vary greatly depending on the candidate’s experience, duties, preferred schedule, and the level of travel and flexibility required in the role. We know the industry and what qualified, career nannies are looking for. After reviewing your family application and conducting a launch call to assess your situation and your family’s needs, our team will work closely with you to develop a competitive compensation package based on your family’s needs.
  • Candidate hourly rates range from $25-$45+ per hour, depending on the specifications of the role, expectations, geographical location, and the number of guaranteed hours per week.
  • What’s in it for us? Our placement fees range from 20-30% of the candidate’s annual gross compensation package, depending on the candidate’s schedule and length of commitment. 

  • We know that entrusting your children to someone else is the highest level of trust. That’s why we work hard to customize your experience and find the ideal nanny for your family!

    We have your family’s best interest at heart.

    “We had the absolute best experience working with Allison at Pink Nannies! After trying to find someone on our own without any luck, she took on the task of finding a kind, trustworthy, and reliable Nanny and matched us with the perfect fit for our family. Our children absolutely love our Nanny!”

    Danielle McBride

    “Moving to Ohio recently with no family in town has been stressful. We had a great nanny in New York, so going through the process again was scary. Pink Nannies told me about their personality matching, and I was eager to see it in action. Fast forward to interview time: every single Nanny that I interviewed was professional, qualified, kind and polite. Now I have the modern day MARY POPPINS!”

    M. Morikis

    “Pink Nannies is truly THE BEST! I am so grateful for this agency and every staff member I encountered in person and over the phone — such passion for my family and my perfect fit. I have been through two other agencies, and I have never been so happy and through such an easy process as this.”

    Annie Thomas

    Choose your children.
    Choose a stress-free home.
    Choose Pink Nannies.

    Here are five important facets to consider during your search for a nanny.

    Having a solid foundation on these key details will help you create a seamless interviewing and onboarding process once you finally find the person you’re thrilled to welcome into your home!

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